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Our AI powered tool, enhances newest MLS listings in any market in the USA with a profitability analysis. No need to manually calculate anything.

How it works

Save hours manually searching for and analyzing quality cash-flowing rentals on Zillow, MLS, Redfin, etc

MLS enriched with data

Ostrich seamlessly integrates with MLS listings in specific markets. It then employs AI, combined with data from various vetted sources, to enhance each listing with a detailed analysis.

Get Daily Leads

This enriched analysis is then dispatched directly to the investors with a cash on cash analysis and rent projections on a daily basis. No need to spend hours running your own analysis.

Find Cash Flowing Markets

Our Chrome Extension can do cash flow analysis on the spot while you are checking out any listing on Zillow. Use it to identify cash flowing markets anywhere in the country.

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Get the latest deals delivered to your inbox daily. Skip checking out Zillow, Redfin, Realtor for deals in your market.

Setup a county in your dashboard and let the new properties come to you with the cash on cash analysis.

Keep tabs of your market and never miss an amazing deal.

Try it for free for the first seven days. We have to pay for the data so multiple counties and unlimited listings are paid features

Chrome Extension

Use it to find cash-flowing markets anywhere in the country.

Use Case 1 - Click on Zillow listings anywhere in the country to find cash flowing markets.
Use Case 2 - If you already have a market, just click on any listing in the market to get COC analysis on the spot.
No more copying and pasting numbers into an excel. Save hours every week.
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What happy people have to say

Investors and Brokers alike love Ostrich

"Perfect example of a product that delivers the 80/20 rule. No fluff and simple. You give me the top 20% of what I need that gets 80% done."

Jax Acosta-Rubio

Investor, Focalpoint

"Ostrich is easier to use on daily basis. I chose to avoid a distracting tool like excel for simpler upfront analysis. "

Chris Anderson

Acquisitions, Real Estate PE

"My favorite email everyday is the Emailer leads. Last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to manually analyze new listings for potential hits"

Aaron Hintzsche

Investor, Decimal

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About the team

We’re a team of real estate investors and operators dedicated to helping more people achieve financial freedom through real estate. We were W-2 employees in finance and tech, and then discovered the freedom real estate investing brings. We now want to share the tools and playbooks we developed for ourselves with everyone. Learn more about us and our mission here

Who is Ostrich for?

Ostrich is built for real estate investors and real estate agents/brokers

What’s the emailer and how does it work?

With the emailer, you get leads for a given market (county-level) sent your inbox daily, with cash-on-cash and cashflow analysis calculated for you. The properties in your email list are new listings that just hit the market, so you can react fast. We built this tool for ourselves to get a daily stream of listings and to immediately filter out the noise of properties that don't make financial sense.

Why are the emailer listing set at the County-level?

From our experience as the first users of Ostrich, County offered best balance of giving a holistic overview of a market, while still tactical enough to laser into specific areas and neighborhoods. It also makes the set up of the emailer simple and intuitive to use (i.e., not having to manage search criteria by ZIP Code). We found MSA searches weretoo large to be actionable.

What’s the Chrome Extension and why is it only on Zillow?

We don't use Zillow data at all but since Zillow is what most people use, we thought it would be nice to give them an ability to see if a property works for them as an investment, on the spot. Behind the scenes, we get the data straight from different paid sources since we don't trust Zillow data. Most users use the extension to find cash flowing markets across the country. Download the Chrome Extension here

Where do you get the data from to analyze the listings?

When you, as a user, initially set up your market, we ask for some expense inputs like loan costs, repairs, capital expenditures etc.This is just the starting point. Then what sets us apart is that we get data from MULTIPLE sources to get information on rent, tax, utilities, and more, instead of depending on a single source. This approach guarantees a more precise and dependable assessment of your total income and expenses, enabling you to visualize the potential cash flow with high confidence.

Will Ostrich analyze 2-4 unit properties?

Ostrich is currently optimized for underwriting single-family rentals (SFRs) only. Our tool is specifically designed to provide accurate and efficient analysis for these types of properties. At this time, we do not support underwriting for 2-4 unit properties. We are always working to enhance our tools and services. If you're interested in seeing this feature added, please upvote it here to let our team know it's important to you!